Redman Stages and Facilities

Redman Corner Stage

What can Redman offer for your Stage and Facilities needs?

Redman Movies and Stories is expanding into a location for all of your production needs. Not only do we offer a large scale production rental warehouse with all the gear needs for your production, but we have expanded into a physical space for video production and photography professionals.


Here at Redman, we have a total of 3 stages. Our Main Stage (the largest of the bunch) offers 3025 square feet of space with 55x55x16 dimensions. More than enough room to fit a large production team or full-sized vehicles and other large props.

The Main Stage offers gear that comes with the stage so you can start to light from the second you walk in. It features 11 Skypanel S60’s that light the cyc walls very evenly. 12 Mole Richardson VariSpace Bi-Color lights for downlights to bring the ambient light to your set up to a respectable level. 2 Arri L10’s are rigged as well for wonderful kicker or backlights that are fully RGB so you can customize the color to the exact parameters. The Arri L10’s are also on a sliding track with full focus knobs so you can adjust exactly the location you want the lights. Speaking of customization, all lights on the stage are wireless and are all controlled from a central iPad with the Luminaire app for ease of use. No reason to get on a ladder to adjust the parameters of the light. The main stage also comes with a 1-ton grip package and Skypanel 360. The Skypanel 360 is an extremely powerful and large light that will be great for lighting your entire set allowing a large soft key to be rolled into place anywhere on set all while still being controlled from the iPad.

iPad with Luminaire

The Main Stage also offers an ample amount of power. Whether you are powering large lights, fans, or video village we got you covered. With 3 legs of 200 AMPs per leg, this will be more than enough to run large lights or whatever you throw at it.

The icing on the cake for the Main Stage is the amenities. We offer a wonderful JBL sound system with a subwoofer for you to rock out at work. This will allow your production to stay upbeat and energetic to power through your work while keeping your crew happy and fun.

Our next stage will really excite our photography clients. Finally, there is a stage in Utah where not only do you get a lot of space to work but we have all the gear you will need to get your shoot done… in the shop!

Our Corner Stage is a massive 18x38x16 stage located right in the front of the warehouse to Redman Movies. So not only are you directly located near the docks for load-in and load-out but you have direct access to wardrobe, makeup, and crafty amenities, all centrally located.

Corner Stage

Our Corner Stage also offers ample power with 150 amps over 2 legs. This ensures all of your lights will continue to work properly. Along with all the included amenities, you also get 5 Skypanel S60’s and 8 – Mole Richardson VariSpace Bi-Color LED rigged into the grid to allow you to control your cycs color and intensity, all from an iPad with the Luminaire app.

Our last stage is the Express Stage. The Express Stage is the smallest out of the bunch but it is great for intimate interviews with incredible sound dampening and privacy. This is a great stage if you need to pick up a quick interview, or headshots.

Express Stage

The Express Stage comes equipped with 1 Arri Skypanel S60 as a kicker, 2 Arri L7 as a hard edge, 3 Kino Image 80s for the cyc, and 1 Mole Richardson VariSPace Bi-Color LED for an overall even overhead source. Also included are 2 – Kino 4′ 4 banks and 1 Nila Boxer for ground units. All of these lighting instruments are wirelessly controlled with an iPad alongside the Luminaire app.

The dimensions of the Express Stage are 18x23x16. While smaller this allows you to keep your production tight and easily managed. Simply walk in with a camera, talent, and your mic and you really are off to the races.

If you’re on the express stage for a photoshoot, the stage comes equipped with a wonderful sounding Bose sound system as well!


Alongside our stages, we offer facilities to make sure your crew and talent have a place to relax while your getting set up.

We offer a wonderful makeup room that will take you back in time. This makeup room has all the amenities while keeping the classic look of old school makeup rooms. It’s very well lit and comfortable to ensure that your talent is comfortable while the crew is setting up.

Redman also has proper conference/meeting rooms so you can have private quiet meetings in a proper space away from set without distractions. From pre-production to post-production these spaces are a huge added benefit.

If you think your production is too big or too small for Redman to handle think again. As you can see with all the stage options and facilities we can really facilitate any size production with ease. With 1 acres worth of parking and 3 loading bays, we have the room to work large to small productions.

Whether you’re shooting a small interview, a large car commercial, or a photoshoot we got you covered.

Please call us with any questions and daily rates on all stages and facilities.