Redman Movies and Stories Express Stage is Here!


Here at Redman Movies we offer only the best for our clients at an affordable price, our express stage is no exception.

The express stage comes pre-rigged with lights for lighting the cyc wall and your talent. The entire system is completely controlled from an iPad. So if you wanted a different color as a rim light simply open the Luminair app and slide the dial to where you want. Maybe you want a colorful backdrop for your scene that’s easily done as well. But its not only the image that matters, our studio is entirely sound – proof, allowing a true sound booth quality to your audio.

So whether you are shooting a corporate video, interviews, music video, or documentary this stage is able to adapt to what you and your client are after.

Make sure to watch the video and see the stage in action. For any questions regarding the stage or any Redman equipment feel free to give us a call.