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Simplify your lighting equipment orders with TechScout Touch, Lighting Edition! “It’s like having your own Best Boy, even if you are one.”

TechScout Touch is designed for lighting professionals in the Movie, TV, Commercial, and Video production industry. The app helps you to create lighting rental orders intended to be submitted to rental houses or to studio set lighting departments.

Film/Photo Community

  • Motion Picture Association of Utah
    Founded by a handful of Utah filmmakers and enthusiasts, the MPAU is a growing force in evaluating and promoting the future of the motion picture industry in Utah.
  • Utah Film Commission
    Full service assistance; permits, location scouting, BLM introductions, lodging, crew lists, resource guide and more.

Getting There

  • Finding Redman
    A map showing Redman Movies & Stories location in Salt Lake City, UT.

Redman Movies Recommends

  • L.A.B. 6
    Professional sound mixing and finishing to make your project stand out from the rest.
    Revolutionizing digital production RADAR ONE can Ingest, secure and back-up critical Digital Camera Negative effortlessly, safe in the knowledge that every file moved is tracked and reported. Use the power of a full post facility to burn through image processing, dailies and editorial, all without ever leaving set. It’s what happens when you put the right tools in the right place at the right time.