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Redman Movies and Stories has been around for over 27 years helping production companies both large and small from all over North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Our gear has worked on dozens of major motion pictures like “Shawshank Redemption,” “Interview with The Vampire,” and “Courage Under Fire;” hundreds MOWs, TV specials, and mini-series; and nearly 850 different commercials for clients ranging from British Airways to Porsche and Suzuki.

Growing from humble beginnings, we have become the largest grip/electric rental house in a 6 state region. And while we focus mainly on projects in Utah and the surrounding states, we also ship specialty items all across the U.S. and around the world.

We have built an extensive inventory of HMI, tungsten, and fluoro lighting together with all the right stands, mounts, generators and power distribution to put them to work. We also offer a wide selection of Fisher and Chapman dollies as well as other less expensive options--even a vintage Elemack Spyder. Redman has black, blimped Condors-which we transport to insure they arrive on time-several cranes including the Giraffe (one of the first in the country), Jib Arms, and Steadicams. Additionally, we have near immediate access to most every type of production equipment available in L.A.

Our expendables store is the largest in a 5 state region, selling everything from tapes, gels, and paints to globes, flag kits, gloves, and even Spyderco knives--all at competitive prices. Essentially if your production needs something and we don’t have it, we can get it—at a reasonable price and most likely on short turnaround.

Approximately 8 years ago we cemented an affiliation with RMS became a Tyler Camera Systems dealer. By keeping both a Tyler Nose Mount 2 (Jet Ranger) and a gyro-stabilized Tyler Middle Mount 2 (Jet Ranger and Aerostar) ready for immediate deployment, we have helped many local productions avoid heavy shipping costs, sometimes on very short notice.

From the beginning Redman Movies and Stories have been focused on helping productions in every way possible. Always very committed to the Indy market, we frequently assist with upwards of 5 independent films a year. In recent years television has also become a significant part of our business with our 9 year commitment to CBS’ “Touched by An Angel” (as well as their “Promised Land” television series) 4 seasons of WB Television’s “Everwood” and a season of USA’s “Cover Me.”

For a more complete and ever growing list of our credits please visit the Redman Movies and Stories listing in the Internet Movie Database.

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