DMG Lumiere

DMG Lumière has released a new series of LEDs. With three sizes, the Maxi, SL1, and Mini Switch, these LEDs have a kelvin range of 3000-5600.


The Mini Switch, only 1-foot long, is the most portable of the bunch, with the ability to attach batteries to the back of it. That feature makes this LED great for takes where the camera is following the subject for long distances.

The SL1 is 3ft long and is the second biggest of the bunch. The Maxi is the real prize of the group though. A two-panel LED fixture that can be folded or split apart, the Maxi Switch is 4×2,.2 and weighs about 27lbs with the yoke.

There are six color options built into the fixtures, and the lights can be controlled via wifi with a DMX app. These lights have been available since January 2016 but are only now hitting the states.

Available for rent now at Redman Movies!