Kino Select LED 30


The new Kino Select LED 30 is one of the most versatile lights that we have seen from Kino.

The Kino Flo Select LED 30 has full customization of RGB colors. What this means is we can evaluate what each channel is outputting. If your DP says “that’s too warm” pull back on the red channel or “too green” pull back on the green channel etc.. This allows the light tech to really get what the DP or gaffer has envisioned.

With that being said there is also a feature in which the unit will emulate different types of gels and kino bulbs. So if you are trying to balance your led to say an Arri M18 with 1/4 cto we can do just that. Simply set your kelvin to 5200K and add a 1/4 cto “gel effect” within the software. Or maybe you have the more traditional Kinos on set maybe with a strange lamp like an Amber Frost we can match that identically with the software on the light._mg_1150

Its not just the software that is outstanding on this unit though. The modular design allows this unit to get into places that say maybe an Arri Skypanel couldnt. The Select 30 is extremely light and the ballast can be removed from the back of the head. So if you need to fly this light you can do that and keep the controls at your fingertips on the ground. This keeps the unit lighter allowing you to use smaller more lightweight stands and less dirt on your legs._mg_1151

Another nice feature as well is the mount design. It is the same design Kino has used for years now. So you can either use the gooseneck option and mount directly to a baby pin or use the more traditional 5/8 pin into a grip head. This kind of modular design allows you to pick the right tools for the right scenario.

To learn more about the Kino Select LED 30 please visit Kinos website here.