Tyler Mini-Gyro

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Tyler Mini-Gyro
Tyler Minigyro Stabilizing Camera Mount
is one of the first stabilizing camera mounts to go from one shooting platform, i.e. helicopter to another such as, car, motorcycle, ATV, etc., in one easy set up format. The latest Tyler stabilizing camera mount with great versatility. It’s compact size makes it the perfect choice for working in tight spaces.
Some features of the Tyler Minigyro stabilizing Camera Mount:
variable position handles, camera quick release mounting plate, adjustable tilt head for shooting up or down and specially developed shock tube to eliminate vibration and support the Minigyro and camera package. There are 2-Kenyon K-8 gyros which provide opposing forces to enhance a smooth shot.  The Minigyro runs on 24 -28 volt battery.

Tyler Middle Mount II

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Tyler Middle Mount II

The middle mount is a side mount designed for all but the largest of camera packages. It provides 100 degrees of pan, tilt and roll, making it ideal for air to air, air to ground, scenic aerials or fast action sequences. Straight forward tracking shots can be made by crabbing the helicopter, though wind conditions may not always make this possible.

With its counterbalanced free-floating and gyro-stabilised mount arm, the middle mount helps deliver stable and dynamic images. The operator sits within with the mount and has direct ‘hands on’ control, giving a natural ‘organic’ feel to camera moves.

Tyler Nose Mount

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Tyler Nose Mount

FAA / STC Approved For:

Eurocopter AS350 / AS355 (Astar  / TwinStar)

Bell 206 / 206L (Jet Ranger / Long Ranger)

Optimum Camera Types

Red – Alexa – Panavision

DSLR, and Any Industrial Video Camera    


             Max. Camera Wt:  39 lb..         Focal Range: Wide to Medium

             Install Time: 60 minutes           Point of View: Front (for to aft)

             Movement: Tilt 200 degrees     Stabilization: Fixed

Additional Features

Five inch color LCD NTSC Monitor (PAL also available)

Digitally controlled frame rates from 6-100 fps including 29.97 fps.


Iris Control

Night Lights for illuminating the Control Panels