These very special lenses are a one-of-a-kind, custom tuned set created by our good friend and D.O.P. Jared Fadel. Jared has an exceptional vision and understanding of what lenses can offer, and worked with TRIBE to alter their venerable Blackwing lenses.

-The Rainbow flares that are seen in the T, X, and Binary sets from Tribe7 have been tuned down. These flares more closely resemble those seen in the Kowa Prominar Spherical lenses from the 1960’s.

-The 37, 57, and 77 have had their flares minimized to match the rest of the set.

-New coatings have been applied to eliminate the purple pupil flares and create an overall warmer tone throughout the lenses.

-Airgaps have been adjusted to give focus falloff characteristics more in line with the X-Tuning offered by Tribe7.

-Unpainted elements create a lovely veiling flare that can be controlled by stopping down or opening up the aperture slightly. In addition to the veiling, they create a slightly lower contrast image than most modern lenses. A characteristic that leads many vintage lenses to be so popular.


These Tribe7 Blackwing lenses are truly something amazing, and we are beyond excited to be able to offer them for rental.

Call or email for availability and pricing!

Below are two projects shot by Jared using these beautiful lenses: